GEOFF POWELL photographer

"I want everybody to be a self-learner.

I don't believe in teaching, I believe in learning."


Words of wisdom from Imogen Cunningham, my personal photography is organic in its approach, its about how close I am to someone, I have no real wish to photograph people whom I struggle to find some sort of connection with, for I have no wish to create mass produced false looking imagery that serves to feed some-ones ego in terms of how "nice" they look.


I much prefer the style of person centred shooting, no props or studio lights,no false posing and the surreality of nonsensical situations. I much prefer nudes to fashion, I prefer portraits  that reveal the inner thoughts of photographer and subject.


I believe in photography as a journey into seeing and how we see as an individual, for to really see the reality all around, means having to un-see the outer coverings that we dress in to protect ourselves from prying eyes.