geoff powell

fine art  photographer

fine art nude  meets fine art landscape

cool, creative and contemporary




My style of photography is about expressing my voice and language in creating imagery that has a timeless quality and feel to it. With modern digital cameras it's really not difficult to shoot and obtain correctly exposed and sharp facsimile images, developing a style and shooting for reason and purpose becomes a little more difficult however. My experience spans 45 years of professional photography, the last 15 years of those have been purely running fine art photography workshops, before the onset of digital photography I spent 25 years developing films and printing fine art work for other photographers. and galleries. Now retired from running workshops I have the time to pursue my very own style, no longer restrained to creating and showing images in order to please others. I have my own style when it comes to post processing, a style of post processing and printing that equals traditional film and wet printing but embracing the technology of the digital world. Shooting nudes is probably one the hardest genres in photography, to shoot nudes erotically and successfully  is more than just taking a picture of a naked girl or woman. Its the emotion of the person that becomes important.


Generally colour is far too plastic looking for me, the web is full of plastic looking mannequins developed. So if you happened on this site my chance, you wont find plastic looking mannequins, you will find high quality fine art and erotica and nudes mixed in with some fine art landscape.