About street photography.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take."


Our  photography workshops are a ‘hands on’ experience. We work and shoot alongside you all the way. You are never left to  fend for yourself, yet we understand the need to have independent time to absorb and try out the techniques being taught.


Technical skills are important and we are always there to help you with those, but for us, becoming a better photographer is not just about equipment , it’s not just about post-production. It’s not just about your eyes, it's a combination of all things, along with having the confidence to express yourself visually. You will be taken out of your comfort zone, shaken up and put back down as a better photographer.


Benefit from our many years working as a professional photographers, and learn some of the best tricks of the trade as well as expert, one to one guidance and tuition from two dedicated professional photographers whose aim is to move your visual skills into top gear.


Each day we go over the imagery and show you simple or in-depth ways of post processing the image and ways of stringing themes together that have a coherence and showcase the street vision skills you are  acquiring on a hourly and daily basis. For example, we may give you theme of love to shoot and to create four images that show your interpretation of love, often its' a case of thinking outside the box. The easy route is to photograph couples holding hands etc., but what about the waiter serving someone at a pavement cafe, talking and smiling to the clients, is that showing love of his work? Someone carrying a small dog across a busy road, the love of a pet? You may want to create four images that show different types of love, we give you the ideas, show examples and work with you on an individual basis to help refine your camera and seeing skills.


 There are many styles and types of street photography and all them are relevant, well most are. Do you see the street as a war.... you versus the enemy (the person in the street)? That's a confrontational style. It's a way of creating imagery that didn't exist before they were confronted by the photographer, this is mainly person based street photography. A master of this style is a guy called Bruce Gilden.


Another style is that of the observer, the observer never interacts, but captures events as they unfold. Both styles can produce exceptional street imagery, Another style is that of "fashion orientated" - shooting outlandish outfits, generally people who wear loud extravagant clothes are extrovert  to  say the least, generally these people are only too willing pose for you.


Drop us an email and we will send you a free PDF that goes to explain street photography and the workshops in more detail.


We all like to be liked, we all like our imagery to be liked, we often take it as an affront when people don't like our work. When really it's just a case of showing your work to the wrong audience. When it comes to personal photography, it's just that -  personal to the photographer, shot and processed to please the photographers aesthetics, not the mass population.


The same rule applies to professional photographers but in reverse, the professional photographer can often be shooting product imagery but has no real interest in the product, the interest lies in doing a professional job and pleasing the client. So, with personal photography -  keep it just that personal to you, when people like the work, smile and say 'thanks', if they don't like it, smile and say 'thanks', that will really confuse them.


Photography is about emotions, the emotion you felt when seeing and shooting the image, people  'lock' on to emotions. The trick or skill is to convey those emotions  within the image . Also, we believe your work is best seen as a series of images, whether in print or as an E-book, printed book or even as a digital presentation on a screen. Use the resources of today to give your work a permanence, rather than just let it be confined to a soulless hard drive.

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