Paris Street photography

workshop format

Master-class street photography tuition

Paris street photography workshop content:

  • Photography in public places – know your legal rights
  • Develop confidence in photographing people on the street, shooting in manual mode, understanding exposure
  • Learn how to anticipate the moment and identify locations, using the correct lens, shooting themes
  • Use black and white for atmospheric street photography
  • Using colour to create impact
  • Use varying speeds to freeze  or enhance  movement.
  • Select and frame a moving subject
  • Use  depth of field for different effects
  • Evaluate your photographs
  • What worked, what didn’t and why


About joining us on our street photography courses and workshops:

Unlike lots of  street photography workshops we don't invade peoples space, we interact with them, we gain their trust and respect, we smile and make eye contact with them. We pick out subjects that make visually interesting images by concentrating on strong compositions , some people we shoot candidly but never derogatory. We shoot abstract elements of the street along with traditional compositions. Along with the street life we also cover the urban landscape, combining the urban landscape with human elements makes for strong content and compositions. We don't get you to shoot randomly, we work towards creating a meaningful body of work.


We choose apertures and shutter speeds that depict the images the way we visualise them. We teach you to use camera phones and tablets in a creative way. We focus on creating imagery, not on confusing you with technical jargon, yet at the end of the workshop you will be astounded at the technical aspects you will have learned.


Two photographers, two styles , two personalities, all seamlessly merging together with one goal in mind - helping you create a unique street photography portfolio. You spend three hours each day with each photographer, but beware, we find you and watch you, we are there when you need us.


Our street photography

workshops are different,

we are different,

our coaching methods are different.

We teach and show you how to be visual street story teller.

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We are happy to help out and answer all your questions long after our workshop has finished. We'll always have time for you.

Two fine art street photographers with over 40 years professional experience, each tutoring a maximum of three photographers. We show you how to shoot meaningful themes that have artistic merit, along with understanding the mechanics of the camera, from the full auto settings to using in manual mode.







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Two fine art street photographers with over 40 years professional experience, each tutoring a maximum of three photographers.